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UNESCO Sights in London

UNESCO Holiday, London, England, Tower of London Traitors gate

London is a metropolis seen at any time of year, especially because of its historical monuments. Especially in 2012, the city draws the eye to the world. Those who spend a few days in London include the holiday schedule visits to one or more declared UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Those who want to see the monuments UNESCO is best to inquire in advance of the program and admission tickets. Major tourist attractions can be crowded and the prices are quite high in London.

Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster is one of London's iconic figures. Located on the Thames, the palace served as the seat of government in the eleventh century. In Westminster Palace was great salon, a place that many historical events took place. House of Lords is one of the most beautiful rooms. Adorned with paintings and statues, throne room is the main attraction throne Queen and Prince Consort.

In the Palace of Westminster, Queen you annual speech. Along with St. Margaret, Westminster Palace is included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Tower of London

Tower of London is one of the oldest tourist attractions in London and one of the most important because of its historical load. Several crowned heads were imprisoned here during the time, there were executions and interrogations.

The main attractions include the Tower of London Crown Jewels. Visitors can see the exhibition Crown Imperial, Cullinan I diamond, etc. A ticket to the Tower of London cost around £ 16.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the best known and most important church in London, due to historical events here. Westminster Abbey is the place of coronation of British monarchs, and one where most are buried kings, queens and celebrities.

Among the attractions include Westminster Abbey Lady Chapel, built at the command of Henry VII, the shrine of Edward the Confessor, the chapel of Henry VII, coronation throne of Edward I (around 1300 AD), poets corner, etc.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens is one of UNESCO sights of London. Gardens contain over 30 000 species of plants. In the Royal Botanic Gardens are organized tours for groups.

Greenhouses in the nineteenth century are some of the major attractions of this museum outdoor plant. The Royal Botanic Gardens plants are found all over the world, kept in a controlled micro climate.


Greenwich meridian divides the globe in the east and the west, setting the clock at 0 degrees latitude. In Greenwich, visitors can walk in the park of the same name, a favorite of many people for a meal outdoors. National Maritime Museum and Observatory of Sir Christopher Wren are two other attractions in Greenwich.